Benefits of Econorm

Econorm is a flavored probiotic for children that helps build immunity against Antigens.

There are many benefits of using Econorm. It’s tutti fruity flavor ensures that your child does not fuss while having it. Moreover, it can be mixed with food to add flavor and build immunity without your child even realizing that he/she is taking any medicine.

Probiotics like Econorm strengthen kids so they are protected against bacteria. It helps underweight kids gain weight proportionate to their age. Econorm prevents diarrhea for over 2 months as they contain natural live good microbes that keep the stomach healthy and helps restore the natural salts and sugar in the body that are lost during diarrhea. It helps aid normal Digestion and boosts metabolism.

Prescribed doses are to be given to every child between the age group of 0 to 12 years. They have no side effects and are safe for children. We recommend you to consult your child specialist before use.