Econorm Recipe

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3 August 2015

Beetroot Halwa- from Neha Goyal


  • 1 medium sized beetroot
  • 1 teaspoon organic jiggery
  • 1 teaspoon ghee
  • Almonds for garnishing
  • 1 sachet of Econorm


  • Wash and peel the beetroot. Chop them into small pieces.
  • Steam the beetroot in a cooker or bowl filled with water. Puree the steamed beetroot.
  • In a kadai, heat a teaspoon of ghee. Add in the beet puree and saute till the raw smell leaves. Add jaggery powder to the sautéed puree. Add a pinch of elachi powder and saute well. Cook till ghee leaves the halwa .
  • After it has cooled, add Econorm sachet and mix well.


Mango Rabdi Falooda- from Deepika Mehta


  • 5 to 6 ripe mango , pureed
  • 10 tbsp sugar
  • 1 litre milk
  • 15 to 20 almond , soaked and chopped
  • 5 to 7 cardamoms
  • A few pistachios
  • 50 gms arrowroot flour
  • Crushed ice as required
  • 1 sachet Econorm powder
  • Few mango cubes


  • Boil milk in a deep vessel till it is reduced to half. Combine the mango pulp along with 1 tbsp sugar and blend in a mixer till smooth.
  • Blend half the almonds along with cardamom till smooth. Add this paste to the milk and mix well. Add the sugar and mix well.
  • Chop the remaining almonds and pistachios and add to the milk, mix well and simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Dissolve arrowroot in water and cook till it becomes thick.
  • Fill crushed ice in a vessel and keep in a refrigerator.
  • While serving fill 1/4 glass with crushed ice, then 1/4 of it with falooda and pour in the required amount of mango rabri and 2 tsp of sugar syrup.
  • Make sure the beverage is cooled, add a sachet of Econorm and serve.


Dal Spinach Soup- from Neha Goyal

  • Split Yellow Moong Dal – 1 tblspn
  • Spinach Leaves – 2 handfuls (I used arai keerai)
  • Garlic – 1 fat clove Asafoetida / Hing / Kaya Podi – a pinch
  • Water – 1 cup
  • Salt to taste
  • Econorm-1 sachet


  • Wash dal and spinach leaves well. Add all the ingredients in a pressure cooker. Cook it for 5 whistles.
  • Switch off the heat and leave the ingredients in the pressure cooker to cook. Open the cooker, add the dal mix in a blender and make it into a smooth puree, add water if needed
  • After it has cooled, stir in 1 sachet of Econorm and serve.


Banana Mango Pie- from Nidhi Jain

  • 1 banana peeled and mashed
  • 1/2 Mango sliced and cubed
  • 1 /2 glass milk
  • 1 sachet of Econorm


  • In a bowl, spread cubes of mango equally
  • Mash some parts of mango and banana. Blend in milk
  • To retain the flavor and nutrients in the fruits, do not over blend. It should be a puree.
  • To the puree, add 1 sachet of Econorm
  • Add the above mixture over the cubed mangoes.
  • For variety, add other fruit toppings.

P3- Peach, Pear and Pomegranate- from Shruti Kapoor


  • 1/2 Peach (juiced)
  • 1/2 Pear (juiced)
  • 1/2 cup Pomegranate (juiced)
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1 Sachet Econorm


  • Simply extract the juice of all the three fruits simultaneously.
  • Add ice and a few drops of lemon.
  • Then, add one sachet of Econorm and let your kids enjoy!