Home remedies for diarrhoea

20 April 2015

DIARRHOEA in infants can make them weak as they get dehydrated easily. Many parents wonder what food may help stop the diarrhoea. Homemade rehydration solution (ORS) like shikanji, lassi, chacch, rise-based ORS and panna, are always encouraged, as recommended by your doctor. The most important things that need to be emphasized are:

  • Continuous breastfeeding
  • Regular food intake for proper nutrition of the child

When the child is on top milk, it should not be diluted, except in rare cases where temporary sensitivity to lactose is suspected. The food should be soft and easily digestible. It should be given as small frequent feeds which can be well tolerated. For infants, this may include khichdi, dalia, mashed bananas, mashed rice and dal, food that the baby was having prior to the illness. Along with this usual diet of the child, plenty of plain water should be given.

However, these home remedies will give your child temporary relief and no protection from future episodes. Econorm gives you permanent and early relief on day two of diarrhoea and offers protection from diarrhoea upto two months by increasing the immunity.

Econorm normalises the gut and keeps child healthy thereby:

  • Promoting digestion and absorption of food and minerals
  • Promoting synthesis of vitamins
  • Providing protection at cellular level, thereby preventing further attacks by bad microbes

The recommended dose of Econorm, available in the yummy tutti fruitti flavour is two sachets per day for five days. This ensures immediate results that stay upto two months that gives you diarrhoea free nights and avoids absenteeism at work. Econorm is world’s No.1 probiotic trusted and recommended by child specialist globally and is available in 105 countries (US, Europe, Asia and more)