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Directly into the mouth. Kids love its Yummy Tutti-Frutti flavor.

Mixed with Water/Liquids

Mixed with Food.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are probiotics?
The human body consists of good and bad microbes. Probiotics are supplements or enhanced foods that contain living microorganisms, to help smooth functioning of digestion, metabolism and boosting immunity. They boost the microbes in the body that can destroy harmful bacteria thereby, reducing the chances of infection and illness.
What is Econorm?
Econorm is a probiotic that builds your child’s overall immunity and ensures a healthy gut. It is recommended by child specialists, globally.
What does Econorm consist of?
Econorm consists of good microbes named as Saccharomyces Boulardii CNCM I745. One sachet of econorm contains billions of microbes essential for the kids gut.
Does Econorm have any side effects?
Econorm does not have any side effects whatsoever. It is a probiotic that boosts metabolism, builds immunity and helps gain healthy weight lost during diarrheal episode.
How often can I give it to my child?
Recommended dose by child specialist is twice a day for five days. But we advise you to consult your doctor before use. It needs to be given to stop and get rid of diarrhea. Also 2 sachets for 5 days as a dose can be given for preventing diarrhoea in kids for 2 months.
Why should I use Econorm?
Since Econorm is a natural source of probiotics and contains good bacteria, you should use it to strengthen your child’s digestive system, gut and overall immunity.
My child has weakness. Can I use Econorm as a remedy?
Econorm can cure weakness in children of 0-12 years of age that may be caused by diarrhea and/or dehydration. It can also help prevent diarrhea for the next 2 months.
Who can use Econorm?
Econorm is meant for kids between the age of 0-12 years. It builds their overall immunity by keeping their gut healthy.
Where Can I buy econorm?
Econorm is available at all chemist store in India. You can locate your chemist at the below link